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Recumbent trikes enable an unparalleled level of comfort to human powered pedaling power and are sometimes the only option to those with certain special needs. Some of the fastest human powered vehicle land-records are set by recumbent trikes or "velomobiles."

The Recumbent Trike List

  • Thought it would be cool to create a list of all the recumbent trikes on the market today, organized by specific features. This is NOT a review on any of them, but a guide to help narrow down and explore trikes that have certain features that you are interested in.

  • Top Tier Recumbent Trikes
    These recumbent trikes appear to be the "flagship" offering from the various brands of manufacturers. These are often their fastest, lightest, most expensive, no-compromise recumbent trikes. Non-electric variants are listed since the electric one would be hands down the top offering.

    ICE Trikes - VTX
    HP Velotechnik - Scorpion fs 26
    Catrike - Dumont
    Terratrike - Sportster SL
    AZUB - TI Fly 26

  • Monster Recumbent Trikes
    It's like riding a tank on 3 wheels.. These recumbent trikes have room for the biggest wheels to get over the biggest obstacles

    ICE Trikes - FULL FAT
    AZUB - Ti-FLY X

  • Entry Level Recumbent Trikes
    If your roads are pretty good and you're just looking to see if recumbent trikes are for you, these are the trikes you want to check out. These have the lowest price points and are often heavier or running gear that's not the top-end. Great way to get started in the world of recumbent triking. Note, these tend not to have any suspension so they will be less comfortable on harsh roads.

    AZUB - T-Tris 26
    ICE Trikes - Adventure
    Catrike - Eola
    Trident Trikes - Spike

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