is a Recumbent Trike forum for enthusiasts and beginners.

Recumbent trikes enable an unparalleled level of comfort to human powered pedaling power and are sometimes the only option to those with certain special needs. Some of the fastest human powered vehicle land-records are set by recumbent trikes or "velomobiles."

Welcome to velobeat!

  • velobeat is a community dedicated towards recumbent trikes.

    We are independently run from any retailer, manufacturer, or event organizing body which allows us to publish and discuss matters related to recumbent trikes unencumbered by any particular influence other than personal experience and opinion.

    The goals of this site are to develop a working body of knowledge, to provide a space for discussion, and to provide news and information about the recumbent trike industry.

    Where does the name come from? Velo is for velocipedes referring to speed/feet and colloquially bikes and tricycles. Beat is for beat reporting which is also known as specialized reporting, journalism focused on a particular subject.

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