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Recumbent trikes enable an unparalleled level of comfort to human powered pedaling power and are sometimes the only option to those with certain special needs. Some of the fastest human powered vehicle land-records are set by recumbent trikes or "velomobiles."

What do you wear?

  • What do you wear when riding? What’s most comfortable? Any recommendations? Thanks!

  • I wear breathable cycling clothing, but there are a few things to keep in mind when riding a recumbent:

    1. Baggy shorts are a bad idea, as they will tend to bunch up close to your hips (and admit insects :-O).
    2. You can't use pockets on the back of your jersey or jacket, because your back will be up against the backrest.
    3. Don't put anything in a pocket that doesn't have a zipper! Unsecured items will fall out of your pockets as you ride.

    This company makes cycling clothing specifically for recumbent riders:

  • @afwen Great tips! I’ll check out the website, thank you!

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