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Recumbent trikes enable an unparalleled level of comfort to human powered pedaling power and are sometimes the only option to those with certain special needs. Some of the fastest human powered vehicle land-records are set by recumbent trikes or "velomobiles."

Recumbent bikes less stable than DF bikes?

  • I've been riding a high-rider recumbent for about six months, and have already wiped out twice. This, after wiping out exactly once in 10 years of year-round commuting (including winter commutes) on DF bikes. Are recumbent bikes less stable than DF bikes? Some reasons this might be the case:

    1. Less weight over the front wheel makes the front wheel more likely to lose traction.

    2. Bodyweight planted on seat gives the rider much less ability to control the center of gravity of a recumbent vs. a DF bike, where the rider can easily shift their weight forward, back, and side-to-side.


  • I think point 2 has a big impact on stability. On a DF (Diamond Frame, I had to look this up) ride, you have so many degrees of freedom to use your body english to adjust to your stability. On a recumbent, it seems like you have much less you can do, and I wonder if instinctively what you might do could actually make things worse! For example, you might try to put your foot down or something because you feel like you're going down, and that will shift your balance even more.

    That said, I think with more miles you will gain more comfort and confidence in your abilities.

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