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Recumbent trikes enable an unparalleled level of comfort to human powered pedaling power and are sometimes the only option to those with certain special needs. Some of the fastest human powered vehicle land-records are set by recumbent trikes or "velomobiles."

Recumbent head / neck test compatible helmets

  • My recumbent trike came with a head / neck rest that makes it really comfortable to lean back into. However, at certain angles with my 10 year old helmet, the adjustment control of my helmet would be quite uncomfortable!

    I searched around and found something called a pony tail compatible helmet. I don’t have a pony tail but the idea is the same, move the adjustment control away from the back of the neck. The Lazer brand helmets seem to exclusively have this top adjuster.

    I blindly ordered this online and it seems to fit quite well and not interfere (as much or at all) relative to the back of neck adjusters from Bell/Giro

    It’s called the Lazer Genesis MIPS. At least that’s what it’s called on their website. When I searched for this it only would show up an old version of the helmet. The real name seems to be Lazer G1 MIPS. Comes with a nice bag and some replacement pads. Worth trying if you have a neck/head rest!

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  • @ant lol I didn’t know this is ponytail compatible?! Sweet!